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Whether it is your personal safety at home or your factory unit or your workshop in the garden, NSSL can provide the latest cutting edge CCTV systems for ultimate protection of you, your family and beloved possessions.

Primarily, for new systems, we supply, install and commission HikVision High Definition IP systems.

For small installations there are options of on board storage available, but for a more reliable and sturdy system we always recommend using a Network Video Recorder (NVR) – These start with a 4 channel version with 1 TB Hard Drive, but versions are available up to fully professional 64 Channels & 48 TB of storage.

Most cameras are available up to 4MP resolution, some models are up to 12MP. As a comparison … your Hi-Def nature and sports channels are recorded at 2MP … so imagine the image quality that these cameras provide !

All versions include remote connectivity, via PC or smart phone, so you can have peace of mind wherever you are in the world !